G l o r i a s d e l P u e b l o

Crude and vigorous as lithography and as simple and classic as black and white, this monochromatic graphic is now part of the spring-summer graphic tees collection of Paswato clothing, a local apparel company in the city of Querétaro, México, who invited us to collaborate in this great project, titled by the brand as "Bestiary", we aimed to create something with truly authenticity in its story besides just create "some stuff" and look for a real projection as local designers in our hometown.
The only restriction was -the graphic must be placed inside of a circle-  from that point, old postage stamps from the late 19th century and newspaper illustrations served as inspiration for the graphic and typography and were more accurate to the idea. Conceptually, the mexican folk wit, tales and traditional fables took us in the right mood to express the connection between animal's inner instinct and the human behavior in a daily concrete jungle.